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Bethel Technologies

A buyer-centric approach to network, voice and telecommunications services. We find the best providers for your business and your circumstances. We search for every opportunity for cost savings, and provide the best recommendations period, no fluff, no high pressure sales pitch.

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"My calling in sales and consulting is to help people and businesses address challenges and be better positioned for the future. If we are not doing that than there is no reason to be in business" - Doug Bethel (Founder of Bethel Technologies)

In Today's always connected world you do not have time to deal with outages, and then poor customer service from Internet, Phone, Cellular Providers. It just needs to work, and that is our approach finding the best services providers and solutions to have as close to 100% uptime as possible with high quality services that won't break the bank.

As a teenager, our founder Douglas spent much of his time working alongside his father who worked in structured cabling. Who gave him a great hands-on understanding of the telecom world. As a professional, he has spent well over a decade working for Enterprise System Integrators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Well known and respected companies like CDW, Cogent Communications,  Cox Business (Enterprise)/Segra, and most recently Dobson Fiber  working with the largest clients on multi-million dollar projects. With everyone from Government, Schools Hospitals, and Fortune 500 to small startup and mom and pop shops. Doug has the experience and know how to build complex solutions and make it painless for client's to implement.

Simplifying Tech Buying

Buying technology can seem complex. Especially, in a world with vendors and OEMs that are determined to make square pegs fit into round holes. With a disregard for what is actually best for clients and their businesses. Thus our approach is built on three main values:

  • Client Needs - What are your core objectives? How do they push the business forward?

  • Client Success - How do you measure the success of each project?

  • Honesty and Transparency - We do not sugarcoat data. We provide fact-driven recommendations that will help you make the best-informed decision for your business.


Our mission is to help your business grow by implementing tech that makes sense.. Here are the solutions we offer:

Digital Contract

Technology Contract Management/Billing Audits

Are you cross-eyed from trying to understand your internet and phone bills? And why on earth you are spending so much?

Trust our team to demystify the jargon,  and have us conduct a full technology audit for free. We can help your business:

✲ Have the right solution that aligns with your business demands.

✲ Make sure you are getting the most for what you are already paying today.

✲ Cut monthly costs without sacrificing productivity.

Network Hub and Cable

Network Optimization and Strategic Design

Our expertise is in network design from your computer throughout your LAN/WAN and to the outside world from there we work with the best technologies to guarantee uptime for your business and mitigate risks.

Our team can design, and implement these solutions from structured cabling to WAN optimization. We also work with the best minds around security strategy. Let us help you be more productive and secure!

In Meeting

Sales & Marketing Consulting

Our ultimate goal is to help your business grow, and creating a sales and marketing team from scratch can be a daunting task. Let us help provide insights on the process and procedure, Identify ways to cut through the noise, and most importantly start generating revenue. Also, we can help vet new sales staff and can provide training that focuses on your business's unique value propositions and ways to get through to your targeted clients. 

Our Team.

Today, we have a small team. But in addition to the dynamic duo we work have excellent partnerships  with other Oklahoma/ US based  consultants and companies to help us deliver superior results.

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